CfP: Just War Theory

Die diesjährige ECPR-Konferenz in Reykjavik war hier bislang noch nicht Thema. Im Theorieblog gab es bereits einen Call für ein von Peter Niesen organisiertes Kant-Panel, dessen Deadline sich mit dem 01. Februar 2011 bald nähert. Über den Verteiler der DVPW-Theoriesektion ist nun noch ein weiterer Call for Papers für ein Panel zur Theorie des gerechten Krieges geschickt worden. Deadline ist ebenfalls der 01. Februar 2011:

Call for Papers: Panel at the ECPR General Conference in Reykjavik,25-27 August 2011.

The deadline for submitting applications for ECPR’s 6th General Conference on Iceland is 01 February 2011. We would like to use the opportunity to invite interested researchers and scholars of international law, international relations and international political theory to submit paper proposals for our panel „Just War Theory for the Twenty First Century“ (no.430) in Section 49 „Just Peace Governance“.

Just War Theory (JWT) has stood the test of time. Though there have been many specific formulations of JWT over the centuries, and although JWT is no longer firmly anchored philosophically to its original religious, cultural, and philosophical moorings, its basic principles of jus ad bellum and jus in bello continue to inform both the practice of and analysis of politics and policy. Arguably, however, the operationalization of these basic principles must change to reflect both the changing nature of violent conflict in the world (e.g., that it is increasingly substate, diffuse, insurgent, and terroristic) and changes in the legal/normative context in which it occurs (e.g., in a highly globalized world more demanding of human rights and human security protections). How should we reconceive JWT accordingly? How does JWT relate to empirical motivations to go to war and how does this affect its (re-)conceptualization? Is there any prospect of a universally acceptable formulation? If not, why not, and what, if anything, should we do with JWT in view of this?

The panel will be chaired by David Welch (University of Waterloo, Canada) and Christoph Humrich (Peace Research Institute Frankfurt, Germany), the discussant is Peter Mayer (University of Bremen, Germany). For submitting a proposal it is not necessary to be a member of ECPR, but you need to create an ECPR account nonetheless. Submit your proposal through:

Further information for paper givers can be found here. Further information on the conference can be found here.

We are looking forward to your proposals! Keep in Mind Deadline! 01 Feb 2011 is approaching fast. If you have any questions in regard to the panel and your submission contact Christoph Humrich (Dr. Christoph Humrich, Vertretung Professur für Politische Theorie, Institut für Interkulturelle und Internationale Studien (InIIS), Universität Bremen, Fachbereich 8, Postfach 330440, 28334 Bremen, 0421/218-2803,

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